Lights after 60 years of Independence

It is with great pleasure that today (29.10.09) that electricity finally arrived at Koshish School, Prerna Kendra, in Malwabar. One must understand how it look like when the entire Mushahar basti was blacked out, there was no light but at least with great pressure with administration, at least, there will be some light in Prerna kendra at Malwabar Mushahar basti. We hope that with coming of electricity, we will be able to raise our awareness programmes in the village, with more TV shows, films, and cartoons with children. We also feel that now, we will be able to start computer education for the village children in the coming months.

While many of you might wonder why so much noise over it.. yes, it is almost after independence that the Mushahar basti is seeing light in this village. There were some electric poles yet no electricity. They were charged that they do not pay rent .. Our experience with the community shows that they are returning the money taken.. They need sensitivity, respect and alternatives. It is absolutely criminal to say that the poor are bad debtors. While the village Malwabar's Mushahar basti does not have electricity we hope that electricity at our Prerna Kendra will pave the way to bring light to their homes.. We will do alternative preparation of providing solar light to the community. We will definitely need support for solar lights to the village as well as a bio-gas plant for the community.

It is great news. We look forward receiving your inputs.. the future of the mushahar children in Malwabar basti looks bright now.. our struggle continues and we hope your support will continue to be with us. SDF's leader of Prerna Kendra Ms Sangita Kushawaha, has been doing really hard work to bring more children to school as well as mobilise women in the region..

We look forward for your support.