Midday Meal and Health Monitoring

Every day children are getting 200 grams of pulses, vegetables and cereals. Hot meals are cook ed in the School premises with the help of a cook who belongs to the same community and her grand children are studying in the same school. So the quality of food preparation is maintained.

Apart from the Health Camp, a monthly monitoring of the weight and height of the children is been done. The teachers and some senior students have been trained to record the measurement of each child. A pediatrician has been engaged to get a full report of the health and nutrition of the children by providing him the data collected over five months. Dr. Anurag Rai observed that almost all children have protein, vitamin and iron deficiency. He recommended that if the children can get an egg twice a week and a banana twice a week than their nutritional value will increase. Due to lack of resource, this has not been achieved so far.

But the space of the school has been utilized to grow some organic vegetables which are added to the pulses and lentils to make it more nutritious.

Every month on the 25th, a health monitoring camp is organized in the school premises. The weight and height of the children are recorded in the file and given to the consulting physician. In case a child is found to reduce the weight, immediate treatment from government hospital is given. Last year, almost all students had the sign of anemia but now apart from some students from very poor background, there is a remarkable change in the growth of the children in the area.

Along with Rice and Dal, vegetables like sweet gourds have been introduced in the menu, which the children are really fond of eating. The protein content in their diets needs to be enhanced with introduction of 2 eggs per week and bananas. This would further help the boys and girls grow healthier.

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